Restrictions in Sicily

Restrictions in Sicily

Restrictions in Sicily, Italian authorities reimpose restrictions

New virus precautions will be implemented in Sicily, according to Italy’s health minister, as COVID-19 hospitalizations surge in the province.
Sicily will enter Italy’s “yellow zone,” according to health minister Roberto Speranza, which means people must wear masks indoors and outdoors and keep a safe distance.
It imposes additional capacity constraints in places where people congregate.
Measures against COVID-19 have been reimposed at the regional level for the first time in two months.
Out of all of Italy’s regions, Sicily has the highest number of persons in hospitals and intensive care units owing to COVID-19.

It’s proof that the virus hasn’t been defeated yet, and that investing in the vaccination effort should remain a top priority,” Speranza said.
The transition should be an “alarm bell,” according to the region’s president, especially for the unvaccinated.
In a statement, Nello Musumeci said, “What else needs to happen for them to be convinced?”
Italy began issuing a “green PASS” in early August, requiring confirmation of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19, or a negative test for specified activities such as dining in a restaurant, visiting cultural centers, and other public locations.

Italy was one of the worst-affected European countries owing to COVID-19, with 4.5 million confirmed positive cases and over 129,000 deaths since the outbreak began.

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